Sawarna Village Panoramas

Sawarna Village is located in Bayah, South Banten. This village has been proclaimed as Tourism Village by the provincial government for realizing its many nearby tourist attraction. It takes approximately 6 to 7 hours drive to go there from Jakarta. When first arrive there, you will pass through  Cariang Hill. From uphill, you can see beautiful views of the beach. There are taverns and parking lot if you wanna stop by for sightseeing.

Another beautiful beach from Sawarna Village is Ciantir Beach. This white sandy beach is about two kilometers long and divided into two parts, large wavy beach and small wavy beach. Beach on the east side becomes the favorite place for surfers due to its big wave.

During enjoying Ciantir Beach, you can visit Lalay Cave there. Do provide lighting equipments while trekking there.

Sawarna Village is surrounded by Paddy Fields in every sight you see. These panoramas keep you sooth every time you walk by.

By the time you get there, you can't miss visiting Legon Pari Beach. It is a perfect place to see the sunrise and sunset. Rocks that jut into the sea so wide in the morning and afternoon at low tide, leaving puddles of sea water. You can swim and enjoy white sands here as well. Before entering Legon Pari beach, we will pass through villagers' residences and paddy fields as well. 


Continued from Legon Pari, we will see Tanjung Layar Reef. Those are two huge reefs that protrude into the sea and become the iconic destination for tourists who visit Sawarna Village. If it's on its high tide season, we can't go closer to the reef.


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