Reminiscing with Roxette

A few days ago I got a chance to meet Roxette by winning an FB quiz. I've been listening to Roxette Since I was a toddler. Not particularly listening actually, but my mom kept playing it since I was raised in Australia. On March 3, I went to the concert with Mahdesi, Echie, and met some of her friends there. When we got there, we were queuing to get into MEIS (Mata Elang International Stadium) hall. Roxette was the first performer who held concert there. There were no dressed up teenagers like teenage concerts usually be held. Those who came were young mothers and the husbands who reminisced when Roxette succeeded in their era.

The concert began at 8.30 pm. Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle came up with Dressed For Success. I found Marie wasn't able to reach high tones. But she was still great with such voice like that, knowing that she just recovered from suffering cancer. They brought hits such as Wish I Could Fly, It Must Have Been Love, Crash Boom Bang, How Do You Do, Dangerous, and Joyride. Marie let us sing together in most of the time. They came up with 2 times encore. At first they gave us Spending My Time and The Look. I could feel the 80s atmosphere there. After they said goodbye, the audience just couldn't be satisfied with the show. A couple mins later Per showed up and said "I think I can't leave without giving you this one". And then Roxette ended up their second encore with Listen To Your Heart

They played really well until the electricity of the outcome sound speaker was off. That was such an anticlimax concert after all. Regarding Big Daddy's explanation, Roxette's sound console from sound engineer was not working properly. But apparently the concert ran well since they could bring us the 80s and 90s goosebumps that lost lately this decade. But I actually wonder why Vulnerable wasn't played that night. I rate this concert 7 out 10 :).


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