The Cranberries at Java Rockin' Land

Honestly, I wasn't so excited about coming to this festival. But i was thinking of when will The Cranberries come again to Indonesia, many songs of them i love, and I hadn't been to international concert for quite long time. Music is my true solace. So within these busy weeks i had, i decided to come before regreting the whole things. I made an appointment with Tessa there to give her Suede's CDs she ordered from me. I met Yodha and Linda as well. As usual, before the band started the show, we all sang Indonesia Raya at the beginning. 

And so the band began. They started it with Analyze. And i sang along instead :p. That's one of my fave songs. Dolores still wore black jacket and then she took it off on the next song. They Continued with Animal Instinct. And the whole Carnaval Beach sang together. When they were about to give us Salvation, Dolores wore Apache headdress. Ha ha nice one. They brought 18 songs which are their greatest hits, and several songs from their upcoming album. And then they ended the show after played 16 songs. We knew that was just a tricky way to do the encore part. Dolores had changed her clothe into a long black dress. They were coming back and sang my most fave song off all. Yes, PROMISES. Woohoooo... This is the best Cranberries song for me :p. And the last song they played was Dreams. I like this one too though...

The show was ending at approximately 00.15 AM. I I was so exhausted but gotta find a cab to bring me home. My conclusion is, THE CRANBERRIES is STILL an Irish Legend, and i couldn't agree more :). Iscale their show 7.5 out of 10.


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