A Piece of Mind

I had this story once i got home yesterday.

People in my house were all going out and didn't stay at home that night. My mother trusted my commute maid to leave the house key inside the loafer which is placed on the shoe rack in front of the house. OK, i was about to go home and faced the fact that i was going to be all alone that night. When i got home, i didn't find any loafers placed on the shoe rack. I was like, oh no not tonight, i cursed my maid for forgot letting the house key inside one of those shoes. I was gonna call my mom but my battery phone left empty. I was cursing all that evening along and trying to find the way out to enter my house. One thing that dazed me the most was, i was starving, reallyyy starving i could not tell (haha that's too lebay i know :p). I was just coming back from beauty salon, had my nails manicured and i was scraping every single shoe on the shoe rack (and cursing as well) and that definitely ruined my whole nail treatment. Finally i gave up and i saw my sister's flat shoe (the one with loafer look alike) and again i scraped it. And apocalypse! I found the house key!!! Thanks God i finally could enter my house safely :)

One thing i learned the most from this occurrence is, NEVER, EVER, think negatively though the person we accuse the most has many evidences (in your mind) that indicate if they are wrong and guilty, because negative thoughts only trigger hatred from ourselves and absolutely don't solve the problem :)

PS: Sorry my lovely maid ;)


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