good times, ain't a biscuit

If I had to repeat my life, I would probably back to ages where I lived in Sydney, and times when I was in university. Both times might be my unforgettable moments ever, in my past life. First, lived in Sydney, 3 years been there without using my mother language. It was incredible yet awkward. I lived there because my dad was granted postgraduate master scholarship in University of New South Wales. My mom was granted as well from her office, but she decided not to take it due to having 2 lil kids. (thank God she was  granted again several years later). I was going to kindergarten everyday since I was three until four. Moments I won’t forget are when I go to universal studio and Snowy Mountain, where I can’t even see snow in my country

I have such a lovable teacher there, named Mary. She gave me surprise when I was having birthday. My friends came from so many different races; Chinese, Thailand, Australian, Indonesia, Philippines, etc. I had good times there, really

Then, I had my second best moment when I was in University. At first, I really didn’t enjoy the lessons; civil engineering was too difficult to be studied. I gave up then I tried SPMB again and got Communication major at UI as well. But I decided not to take that chance. I found my friends here are very kind, really care, kinship, but have a big sense of humor as well that suit me a lot. Really, I mean it. We struggled together till our semi thesis. We’ve been helping our friends who are going to be dropped out due to unable undergoing lectures. I felt like, I have a second family here, not like other friendship. Actually I can’t describe our friendship here, but you can’t ask one of my friends how our relation looks likeJ. Without them, none of us will have strong kinship like this. And off course without them, I wouldn’t struggle finishing my study here. Togetherness in a good way is the key. And oh, other majors in engineering faculty have this togetherness as well. I think PPAM worked a lot :p
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