Since i was in high school, i've always wanted to continue studying in Communication major. It was based on my dream before i was 13 to be a radio announcer since i've been listening to several radios (especially Prambors) at that time. Then i hit the third grade in high school, and got science class. Actually i've made up my mind of choosing Communication to be my next study. I took BTA course that held at SMUN 8. I took IPC program, which studying both science and social subjects.

I've been busy and confused at the same time. I didn't want my capability of science to disappear easily. And at the verge of filling SPMB form, i was totally fucking confused. Then I called my BTA teacher (he's only 3 years older than me), Sakti. I asked him what major i should take, and if i had to choose science major, what would it be? I had Mathematics major in my head but i tagged that on my third choice. I wanted to enter engineering major then Sakti suggested me to choose Civil Engineering. Ok since my SPMB try out score was around 50-59s, my final  result of choosing the majors were:
  • Civil Engineering UI
  • Communication UI
  • Mathematics UI

And finally i got Civil Engineering major on 2004. Yea, not bad as long as it's UI. I admitted myself don't wanna go to college unless it's UI :p (a lil bit force to self). Ok i started studying Civil Engineering then. I was really stressed out at 1st semester. I will never really can do the drawing things, yes it was engineering drawing study. I was stressed till i got cried but the next semester was better cause i've increased my GPA at 2nd semester. But don't know why, i still wanted to try my 2nd chance to take SPMB test again on 2005. I didn't take any course at all, i just studied my last year's social modules and took only communication major on my SPMB form. This was a trial and error test. FINALLYYYYY I can't believe that i was accepted in communication major at UI OMG that was my dream to study in Communication. Then i told my parents this news. And for your information, they didn't even know what happened to me, the test, etc. My dad allowed me to take the chance, but mom seemed very disappointed. She really wanted me to continue my Civil Engineering study. I was really beyond stressed and confused. Some of my college friends suggested me to stay continuing my previous study. The one who was really into my problem is E'o. He asked me to stay at Civil Engineering. But actually, yeah, he was right. I've been comfort with my college friends. And E'o was right, i would never had friends like them. It's way different if i had friends at Communication major community. It's just.... different.. And i never thought that the whole people of my Civil Engineering community knew about my receipt in the faculty next door LOL.

Ok, I finally let go my dream of studying Communication. And in the end, i never regret my decision because i graduated on time and been experienced such good times with my 'never been replaced' friends. Haha, you will never know how HARD it feels to study in CIVIL ENGINEERING due to its afflictions without suriving it with 'very comfortable' friends. Now that after 2 years graduated, still i miss my college friends. Yet we still meet each other sometimes, doin crazy things and other quality times. The bottom-line is, i let go something that was being my big dream but i got such beautiful payback. Yes, my college friends, they are so much meaningful to me :)
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