What would you say when hearing the band, Blur? Well I couldn't say anything more when finding that they're gonna have a gig in Jakarta. Actually I was a bit disappointed when I knew they will be performing with other 3 bands. It's not that I don't like the bands, But it made the ticket price go higher. Thankfully Simpati offered discounted price for their users so I took this opportunity and went to buy the regular ticket.

So I went to the gig with my college friend, Teo. He is also a britpop geek as I am :D. We hit the venue at 8 pm, and took pictures on the venue. The venue was set to have 90's britpop ambiance, with so many british ornaments within the area. I could hear the sound of The Temper Trap buzzing, but my friend and I weren't really interested in the music. Then we entered the festival area on 8.30 pm while The Temper Trap had already stopped performing. The show was actually on-time. Blur popped out at 9 pm and the crowd was yelling and screaming so loudly. Finally, the band we've been waiting for almost 20 years had come.

The band surprised us with Boys and Girls. The song is really catchy. My favourite one to be sung hehe. After a few songs, I suddenly realised the sound was a bit awful. I couldn't believe for a band like Blur, the promoter should have provided more appropriate sound system instead of taking profit too much from the audience. But whatever, I already told myself I gotta enjoy this gig. That mind-blowing moment is when they brought Coffee & TV, continued with Tender, Country House and Parklife. ohhh my goodness. That 90's sensation! I knew that they would stop performing when they already played This Is A Low. I knew that there will be an epic encore after this.

Photos above are courtesy of Mahdesi

The encore started with Under The West Way. They also brought the super hits For Tomorrow and The Universal. The most epic part was when they ended the show with Song 2. Just imagined what happened to the crowd :D. Blur played really well. No wonder, they are one of the most influential britpop bands in the world. Too band the sound system didn't perform well. I can say that this gig is scaled 8 out of 10.


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