Spending Time on Sepa Island

One of the most beautiful islands on Thousand Islands is Sepa Island. It is located on the north side of Thousand Islands. It takes 90 - 100 mins to reach the island by boat. Once you get there, you'll be welcomed with the clear blue sea water until you can see the bottom of the sea. Its pier's architecture is made of wood, which is really vintage but strong.

Sepa Island is well managed by PT. Pulau Sepa Permai, the only management who has the authority to this island. This resort has few cottages, so its privacy is still guaranteed. It is also has wooden restaurant, with live music every lunch and dinner time. Don't worry about the conservation. This island still conserves so many trees and animals, such as lizards and turtles, so we can feel the pure nature indulgence there. 

Sepa Island is known as the Paradise for Divers among other islands in Thousand Islands. There are many water sports you can do here such as: canoeing, banana boat, sofa boat, water board, snorkeling, diving, jet-ski, fishing and so many others. The guests who come are usually foreigners or expatriates. They love the natural atmosphere and beach at this beautiful island. Sepa Island is the Only island that appropriate for marine walk due to its clarity underwater.


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