Sophisticated Sophie Ellis-Bextor

On September 25th 2011 ago, I was going to Java Soulnation Festival day 3. I was planning to watch T-Five's performance at 4.30 PM but my boss asked me to come to office so I couldn't get there on time. I was running away at half five hahah I was really scared of missing the show. And I got there by cab. Due to senayan's near location, The cab charged me only for 10.000 rupiah but I only paid for 5.000 rupiah because the taxi driver didn't have the change. I planned to meet up with Ditto and his brother. When I was on the phone with Ditto, suddenly my Junior High mate, Jessy stopped me. She asked me to fill in the questionnaire for Trax FM. After meeting Ditto, he wanted to eat something at food-court, and then we watched Aditya's performance for a while. At 6 PM we were moving to inside Istora, queuing for Miss Sophie Ellis-Bextor. The Gate were opened at half seven but I don't know why people were pushing each other. OMG please this is Sophie's show, not Korean boyband's. When we finally got in there, the MCs asked us to sing along Indonesia Raya. Not long after that, Sophie came out and started to entertain us.

OK so the Intro was good. I thought she was gonna sing 'Heartbreak' because there's in it. The first song she sang was Dial My Number. Then she continued with Bittersweet, one of my fav songs. Not much who sang this one, I don't know why. She got the groove steady until Take Me Home. The whole crowd danced and sang together. Yes, this is her #1 hits in Indonesia. She also gave the crowd Me and My Imagination. People loved this song, though most of them only sang the same title lyrics at chorus part. A few songs after that she brought us Catch You. Oh how i love this song so much. It was a hit on early 2000's But I don't know why didn't they sing along together, where we should jumped around at this part. I tried to enjoy other songs. Seems like there was something missing. It wasn't the sound, nor the vocal. After a while, i found that the music composition wasn't really matched. Sophie's music which is basically dance music, is best fit with DJ accompaniment instead of full band. With full band accompaniment, the sound listened really bad, not blending each other. But since Sophie is beautiful, so it doesn't matter haha. Most of Indonesian fans of her tend to love her old songs. When she played Murder on The dance Floor, then the whole Istora were dancing and sing along together. Sophie sometimes put in some dances into her singing, without choreography for sure. Not long after that, Sophie medley-ed her songs Get Over You - Lady (Hear Me Tonight) - Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) - Sing It Back. For me, this was really fascinating! The remix was a groovy end of the show and successfully made the crowd uncontrollably dance just like on the dance floor. As i said before, it has to be mixed with DJ so Sophie would be looking stunning. The last song closed with Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer). This is the song that Ditto and I had been waiting for. Though it's not really famous in Indonesia, but this song was a hit in UK. So the show of the beautiful leg lady had ended. I was a bit disappointed because she didn't bring Music Gets The Best of Me to be played. I scale 7.5 out of 10 for the performance, and 9 for her beauty :p

After enjoying the show, we moved again to food-court and met with Mahdesi and Rasyid. I was really tired so I went home approximately 1 hour after meeting them. Thanks Sophie for coming to Jakarta! :)

Pictures by Landitto


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