There are lot of things i looove about MUSE. Errr actually this time i just wanna share muse's masterpieces that i love the most :) yea stop talking trashy thing then let's just get started.
  1. In Your World - This song turned me into a muser. First time i heard this song was when i currently listened to Prambors Radio in 2002. It is taken from In Your World-Dead Star single.
  2. Citizen Erased - It has 7 mins and 19 secs duration of song which remains my birthday date, july 19th :p. It is from my fav album, Origin of Symmetry as well, the one with the 7 string guitar.
  3. Futurism - I accidentally told Matt Bellamy at Muse's press conference that held in 2007 that i'm into that song much. Well, i crushed on Futurism at that time anyways LOL. It is taken from In Your World-Dead Star single as well.
  4. Hyper Music - It is from Origin of Symmetry album also. I love screaming part of that song, it reveals my emotions when i'm stressed XD
  5. Micro Cuts - Uhm, can't say no more bout this song. Falseto technic along this song, reveals my emotions as well. Heck yeah!!
  6. Plug in Baby - Haha, yea another Origin of Symmetry single again. Guitar riff from this song is really fuckin great. The end part of this song kinda makes you high.
  7. MK Ultra - This is the one from The Resistance album. Once it shuffles on my music player, i will never press next thou :P.


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